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Fly Fishing Western Lake

Crossing Western Lake on Scenic 30A nearly every day I am lucky to see incredible beauty – different water conditions, different skies, different light – always different and always beautiful.

Often there are folks on the bike path along the lake and people on the lake in kayaks, paddle boards, canoes…

I spotted this gentleman practicing the art of fly fishing, wading in the mostly-shallow lake. I saw him hook one small one which  looked like a bream or other panfish. Some of the different fish in the lake are redfish, largemouth bass, speckled trout, and other saltwater species which travel in and out of the coastal dune lakes as they periodically open to gulf. The lakes provide an excellent breeding and hunting ground. Many juveniles grow and mature in the relative protection of the lakes before returning to the gulf at maturity.

The lakes are also home to alligators, blue crabs, and many species of frogs and snakes. Sharks have also been spotted on rare occasion, along with a sea turtles washed in to the lake outlets during storms. Many different species of birds live arounfd the lakes, feeding on fish and other animals. Ducks can be seen swimming in the lakes during colder months. There are plenty of ospreys and a few bald eagles.

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